If you’re looking for a job, you may want to consider Pizza Hut as your next employer. Available positions for the company are very accommodating, so you’re free to choose whether you want to work full-time, part-time, or on a flexible schedule.

Before submitting your application, it helps to learn a little about each job to find which best fits your skillset. Here’s a quick guide to the most popular Pizza Hut positions at ADT Pizza.

Team Members

One of the most popular Pizza Hut job positions, a team member is one of the most versatile, with responsibilities that range from customer interaction to food preparation.

Duties include taking phone calls, preparing the dough, cooking pizza, and cleaning. If you love people, this is the job for you as you are one of the first people our customer engages with.


Pizza Hut locations with booth and table areas accommodate customers for dine-in service. These restaurants have servers in their crew, whose overall role is to ensure a positive dining experience for sit-down patrons.

The server’s job description includes taking food orders, delivering meals to tables, and providing great customer service. It’s also required to have extensive knowledge of products on the menu that allows one to give recommendations to diners.

Delivery Drivers

Sometimes, people order Pizza Hut to be delivered to their homes or offices. Delivery drivers are in charge of collecting food items from the store and transporting them to the customer’s order location.

Some prerequisites for the role include great customer service skills and map reading expertise. Drivers also have to ensure that the proper food orders leave the store before delivery. And did we mention they make some pretty great money with their tips!


Of all the Pizza Hut positions, the cook is arguably the most critical role. Without them, there’ll be no food to serve or deliver.

The cook reads the orders, prepares the dough and toppings, and cooks the pizza. The role is also responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and ensuring safe food handling.

Shift Leaders

The shift leader carries the task of efficiently running a Pizza Hut location’s daily operation. They are in charge of managing their respective outlet during their designated shifts.

Leaders are responsible for training and supporting their team, providing customer satisfaction, and maintaining food safety and cleaning standards within the restaurant.

Assistant Managers

An assistant manager is involved in the business and management aspects of the restaurant. The role, which reports directly to the general manager, involves juggling operation-related responsibilities and team-focused duties.

Assistant managers help execute marketing plans effectively, implement health and safety standards, and manage store culture, inventory, and financial reporting. The role also provides performance evaluations, facilitates team meetings, and organizes staff hiring and positive work culture.

General Managers

As the head of the team, the general manager supervises their assigned Pizza Hut location. They have a comprehensive list of duties, which revolve around facilitating every aspect of the restaurant. From inventory to adhering to safety and cleanliness standards the GM is the heart of the restaurant.

The general manager oversees the team, writes reports, addresses customer complaints, hires and retains staff as well as work closely with team members looking for management opportunities such as Shift Manager or Assistant General Manager.

District Managers

Fostering operational growth and innovation is the primary duty of a Pizza Hut District Manager. The district manager is responsible for developing the Restaurant General Manager teaching them skills that will help grow their restaurant profits, develop team members, and create the family culture ADT Pizza strives for.

A district managers tasks include training, assisting, and encouraging managers to achieve financial goals and adhere to strong operational standards. They are also involved in various aspects of the company, such as staffing, finance, food quality, and health and safety.

Be a Part of the Pizza Hut Family

Whether you’re looking for a starter role or a managerial title, you can always find Pizza Hut job positions that suit your experience level. The global chain is the ideal employer if you want to build your resume, but it also fosters career progression if you’re aiming for professional growth. If you’re on the market for a new job, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Reach out to ADT Pizza and join our team today.