Pizza Hut is undeniably one of the leading pizza companies in the world. The food chain outlet is known for its pan pizzas and hut-shaped red roofs. Available in more than 18,000 branches in over 100 countries, Pizza Hut has remained a popular go-to place for most people to catch up with friends, have dinner with loved ones, and celebrate moments together.

Whether you plan to join Pizza Hut’s family or just want to know their corporate social responsibilities and values, here are some Pizza Hut job benefits. We compiled the company’s competitive package below.

Work and Personal Life Balance

One of the most admirable Pizza Hut benefits that they offer to their employees is the paid 18-week maternity leave and six-week paternity leave. This is generally more than the standard average number of paid maternity and paternity leaves that most companies offer. Typically, they only pay for up to 10 weeks of maternity leave and less than five weeks of paternity leave.

Another perk that Pizza Hut employees can enjoy is on-site childcare. Staff can come to work with their kids and leave them in a designated area where their children are entertained for the day. Through this, parents can focus on their job and give the best service to customers, knowing that their kids are safe and well-taken care of.

For Pizza Hut’s corporate employees who work at their head offices, the company also provides a couple of extra incentives that contribute to a healthy work-and-life balance for their staff. One of these Pizza Hut benefits is their company-wide policy that grants their corporate staff to only work half-day during Fridays.

This gives additional time for employees to unwind, rest, and spend time with their loved ones. This company policy by Pizza Hut is backed by studies that show longer working hours do not result in more work done but rather taking more time to do the job.

Financial Incentives

Another Pizza Hut benefit that employees can enjoy is overtime pay. Once a team member exceeds the standard 40 hours a week of shift, he/she will get paid extra that is calculated according to time and a half pay. This allows employees to put more time at work while increasing their earning potential.

There is also a 401(k) plan for Pizza Hut employees, where a certain percentage will be deducted from an employee’s paycheck and puts it directly into his/her chosen investment account.

Health Benefits

Pizza Hut provides health coverage—from prescriptions to accidents and disability—for their staff ensuring the wellness of each and every one of their staff. They have comprehensive insurance for medical, vision, and dental health. Aside from these, employees can also take advantage of preventative care and life insurance. This gives them the financial means to take care of their health, including their loved ones’.

Life Unboxed Edu

Pizza Hut shows educational support to its team members by offering a continuous learning program available through Life Unboxed Edu. All their employees, from full-time workers to part-timers, can take advantage of the program that is available at Excelsior College. Life Unboxed Edu offers Pizza Hut staff and their immediate family members tuition fees, college credits, and discounts to further their education.

They can receive 45% off their undergraduate studies and 15% off graduate programs. In a year, Pizza Hut pays up to $5,250 for each program participant’s tuition fee. With this upfront payment, eligible members can start their studies almost immediately. Life Unboxed Edu is a chance for Pizza Hut employees—whether young or old—to advance their career goals.

Be Part of Our Team

These are some of the perks and benefits Pizza Hut employees can enjoy while staying in the company. If you would like to be part of our growing family and enjoy these perks, contact ADT Pizza at 469-1045 today. Our office is located at 50 Charles Street, Westport, CT.